Yves Gignac - Borough Councillor


Denis Coderre elected mayor of Montreal

November 04 2013

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Yves Gignac is currently the Director of Economic Development at the Town of Mount Royal. Throughout his career, he has been passionate about the subject of municipal economics at the local, national and international level. He has worked for the City of Montreal, Montreal International, the Office de développement économique and has also represented the State of New York in Quebec. Renowned for his expertise in economic development and his ability to bring together diverse stakeholders in major strategic mandates, Mr. Gignac is a natural leader with an innate skill for communication. Moreover, he often acts as a coach and mentor to his peers. He has been a proud resident of Pierrefonds for over 30 years.

Yves Gignac is candidate for borough councillor in the district of Cap-Saint-Jacques. You can write to him at [email protected]


• Ensure integrity, honesty and transparency while working with our local organizations network to fight hunger, criminality and homelessness

• Find suitable alternatives to cars: implement park and ride shuttles to trains and continue to promote carpooling

• Study the feasibility of building a multi-sports center and continue to build another outdoor municipal pool

• Continue to protect our green spaces and parks and encourage green projects. Review and improve accessibility to our shoreline