Jean-Marc Gibeau - City councillor


Denis Coderre elected mayor of Montreal

November 04 2013

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Born and raised in Montréal-Nord where he has spent all his life, Jean-Marc Gibeau entered municipal politics in 1996 when he ran in a by-election to replace his father who had acted as city counsellor for 17 years. As a member of Montreal’s City Council, Jean-Marc has played an active role. He is a member of the Commission de la présidence du Conseil and of the Conseil d’Agglomération de Montréal. He has presided over many instances such as the borough’s Planning Advisory Committee, the Montréal-Nord Employee Pension Plan Committee, as well as on the board of the C.L.D., C.D.E.C. and of Montréal-Nord’s F.L.I. de Montréal-Nord.

For the past five years now he has presided the Agence de financement et de développement des centres d’urgences 911 du Québec and ins a member of the Board of l’École Nationale de police du Québec since 2006. HE is also responsible for the economic development plan and revitalization of Charleroi Street. HE shares with Mayor Gilles Deguire, the responsibility for the development of Pie IX Boulevard and of the Albert-Hudon/Maurice Duplessis intersection. In 1991, he took over the insurance brokerage firm that his father had founded in 1958 and has been operating out of Montréal-Nord for some 55 years.

Jean-Marc Gibeau is candidate for city councillor in the Ovide-Clermont district. You can write to him at [email protected]



• For the quality of life of our citizens: 70% of our parks have been renovated ($40 million)

• For the development of Montréal-Nord: rebuilding of Carrefour Henri-Bourassa/Pie-IX ($55 million)


• For innovation: enlargement and relocation of the Belleville library and addition of social housing ($15 million)

• For dynamism: construction of a multifunctional aquatic sports centre ($45 million)

• The citizen will be at the heart of our decisions!