Dominic Perri - City councillor


Denis Coderre elected mayor of Montreal

November 04 2013

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Dominic Perri holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, a teaching permit and a Master’s degree. He taught sciences for 28 years. He was president of a school board and was elected city councillor for eight consecutive times. He is the dean councillor in Saint-Leonard.

He was member of the board of directors of the STM from 2001 to 2012 and chaired its commercial subsidiary Transgesco sec., the firm at the origin of television in the metro.

Dominic Perri is particularly interested in the urban development of Saint Leonard, its distinct character, its personality and the proximity of services to citizens.

He chaired the Environment, Transport and Infrastructure Commission of the City of Montreal and initiated the by-laws banning wood burning in Montreal to improve the quality of air for all montrealers.

He is married to Rosetta Perri, school principal. The couple has two daughters: Sabrina, PhD in experimental medicine, and Romina, periodontist.

Dominic Perri is candidate for city councillor for the district of Saint-Léonard Ouest. You can write to him at [email protected]


Our program is simple but tailored to the needs of our citizens. Proud of our Saint-Léonard borough, we pledge to:

• Prune our trees

• Maintain and reconstruct our streets sidewalks

• Improve the cleanliness of our parks, streets and front of houses

• Help prevent water floods

• Respect the distinct character of Saint-Léonard